In July 2023, we lost our daughter to Trisomy 18, a fatal chromosomal condition.  Our daughter's heartbeat was lost during delivery - she was stillborn.  Although we were made aware of her condition early in our pregnancy, this knowledge did not lessen the emotional impact of losing her.  In the dark days that followed her passing, the beacons of light were the vast amounts of support and love that we received.  Yellow ribbons were tied around the trees in our neighborhood, meals were provided, gifts were given to our kiddos, our lawn was taken care of and by sheer blessing alone, there was not a concern with being able to provide funeral and burial services for our daughter.  The support shown to us by our community and loved ones gave us the time to process the situation and to grieve the way we needed to.  The Sunny Side Foundation was started in honor of our daughter - Sunny Helene Randone - to help provide the same support and love to other families, so they too, can focus on finding peace.  We hope to be part of their support system throughout pregnancy and through what may follow within 6 months of a baby's life.  To find out more, please click on our Services page to explore the ways we can help. To register yourself or to register on behalf of someone else in need of support, please visit the Register page.  You may also visit the Donate page to help provide financial assistance by becoming a donor.