Pure Joy

Published on 4 August 2023 at 18:46

Mike and I were ecstatic to be able to share our news with our families and what better time to do this than the holidays?  We would plan to tell them during our Christmas get-togethers, but we were most excited to share the news with our kiddos.  

I found trucker hats at a local baby boutique that said "Big Bro" and "Best Big Sister".  We wrapped them in matching paper and had the kids open it together on Christmas Eve.  Their reactions were priceless - first, a bit of confusion.  As they read the titles printed on their hats, I could see the wheels turning in our daughter's head...yes, I am a big sister...why did I receive this hat now...6 years later?  I'm not sure what was happening in our sweet 6 year old's head; he read the words aloud, "Big Bro", but not a lot of instant reaction.  He seemed underwhelmed that all of the anticipation of opening his first Christmas present resulted in a hat.  A few seconds later and once it all clicked, their eyes widened and then came the outpouring of pure joy!

Through the days that followed and as we shared our pregnancy with the rest of our family, we were met with a lot more joy.  The anticipation of a new baby and everything joyous that came with it was felt by everyone.  We were all over the moon! I remember telling my mom that if our baby was a girl, I wanted her name to be Sunny.  At this point, we still didn't know the gender, but I loved the name and I felt like she was destined to be Sunny Randone.  Little did I realize just how perfect this name would be for her.  

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