The Sunny Side Foundation who have lost a child within 3 months of registration or whose child has received a terminal illness in utero up to 6 months of life. Typically support does not begin until the child has passed, but advanced notification will ensure prompt support.  There are 3 areas of support TSSF offers: care packages, burial support and domestic support. 

Care packages - include a number of grief books written for every member of the family, devotional books and journals and a variety of self-care items for mamas.  We also include our informational card with details on other services we can provide for families. 

Burial supportoffers burial services through a number of local funeral homes and cemeteries. 

Domestic support - offers prepaid grocery support through Hyvee,  cleaning service and lawn care through the foundation.  Domestic services are offered from a third party and are limited to one time service.   


Click the links below to learn more about each option and to register yourself or someone else.